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The Electronic Lock Cylinder That Can Replace The Mechanical Lock Cylinder

Electronic locks are very popular in the market because it has many advanced functions:

  • Setting the lock and unlock authority. Only the person with the authority can unlock the lock;
  • Complex unlock code;
  • Record the information of lock and unlock. When an accident occurs, managers can hold accountability to individuals and so on.

However, most people have not installed electronic locks. Following are the main reasons:

  • The steps to install electronic locks are complicated;
  • The structure of the door has to be changed;
  • The installation cost far exceeds their budget.
cylinder padlock

Vanma intelligent passive electronic lock system can solve these problems because it uses a passive electronic lock cylinder.

  • The size of this lock cylinder is the same as that of the mechanical lock, and it can be replaced directly. There is no need to change the structure of the door and the size of the keyhole;
  • Simple installation steps;
  • The installation cost is far lower than the cost of installing the entire electronic lock.

JWM launched 4 lock cylinders to meet the needs of different application scenarios:

1. Fire door lock cylinder: suitable for shopping malls and power supply companies.
2. Door lock cylinder: suitable for bank, warehouse, or other doors that require strict management.
3. Cabinet lock cylinder: suitable for equipment, toolboxes, and power distribution boxes of factories and power stations.
4. Cam Lock: suitable for boxes and drawers of bank/power supply station.

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