The Difference Between Distribution Box and Distribution Cabinet

In terms of use, distribution boxes are generally used for households, and distribution cabinets are mostly used for centralized power supply. Distribution boxes and cabinets are complete sets of equipment. Distribution boxes are low-voltage complete sets of equipment. Cabinets have both high and low voltages.


Appearance Difference

The most basic difference in appearance is the size. The power distribution cabinet is placed on the ground and is as large as a refrigerator. The distribution box is as small as a box on the wall, and they have the same effect.

Function Difference
The distribution cabinet can be equipped with various explosion-proof electrical appliances or various combinations of explosion-proof electrical appliances.
The distribution box can be equipped with circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, buttons and indicator lights, etc., which can be used for lighting and power motor control purposes.

In other words, the distribution cabinet can contain distribution boxes, and the functions are more extensive and diversified.

Different Scenes

The distribution box is installed in various places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, homes, etc., such as lighting distribution boxes, power distribution boxes, etc. And distribution cabinets are often installed in substations, distribution rooms, etc.

Whether it is a distribution box or a cabinet, regular patrol is very important, and the stability of power supply has always been a top priority in enterprise production. Therefore, each cabinet must be equipped with a smart electronic lock, which can not only record the installation location and cabinet type, but also record the lock and unlock time. This will effectively ensure the stability of the power supply.

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