The Development and Future Trend of Smart Electronic Lock

Locks are social goods with a long history. They appeared with the birth of private ownership, and with the common development and evolution of human society, many kinds of locks are formed today.

After thousands of years of evolution, the first electronic lock was really born with the application of microelectronic technology in the 1970s. Internationally, the development of smart locks has generally gone through four stages: the 1970s was the era of push-button electronic locks, the 1980s was the era of card-type electronic locks, the 1990s was the era of biometric electronic locks.

In recent years, with the recognition of the concept of the Internet of Things and the development of combining with smart locks, smart padlocks have entered a new era.

When it comes to smart electronic locks, most people still know or use it in some public places such as offices, schools, logistics, banks, etc., and only a few ordinary people will use it. However, in China, the use of smart passive electronic locks has been quite common, especially in the civilian market with a high penetration rate.

We have reason to believe that the replacement of mechanical locks by smart padlocks is an inevitable development trend. As an important application of smart locks in the field of industrial locks, smart padlocks are widely used in more fields with their unique technical advantages. Let us future is safer!

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