The Best Weatherproof Padlocks

Fully weatherproof padlocks are made entirely of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel. This includes all internal mechanisms, which in non-weatherproof padlocks are likely to corrode and seize – that’s what I’ve experienced.


Boat Padlock

Padlocks required for harsh marine and boating applications must not only deal with humidity, but must also be able to handle full immersion in salt water. The higher conductivity of seawater, coupled with the ability of chloride ions to penetrate through metal surface membranes, makes seawater more corrosive than freshwater.



Additionally, marine padlocks are often used in dirty, sandy environments, which makes them vulnerable to intrusion by solid particles and grit. Exposure to sand, gravel, and dirt is bad for any padlock, and can make it difficult or impossible to open a glued-on lock. Marine-grade padlocks are usually (but not always) wrapped in a plastic sheath with protected keyways to keep dust and sand out. As described in Weatherproof Padlocks, marine padlock mechanisms and shackles are made of non-corrosive metal.

Find the Best Weatherproof Padlock

The best weatherproof padlock depends a lot on the application. For example, for my outbuildings, I need a weatherproof padlock that can withstand corrosion because it’s always outdoors. And I need it to work with the existing hasp to protect valuable garden equipment that gets locked up in the winter, so the lock needs to be completely corrosion resistant so I don’t have the same difficulty trying to unlock it next spring .

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