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The Best Combination of Locks for Container Security

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The huge capacity of containers has brought convenience to many people, both in the transportation industry and for personal storage. But because containers often store many valuable items, container security is especially important during unattended time, especially when containers are left on the street overnight. For container security, we looked for a very secure and simple locking combination.

Kossie Container Lock+Vanma Smart Padlock

container lock

The Kossie Container Lock is a high security lockable clamp. It is the perfect lock for containers and vans with locking rails on the doors. It is easy to install, made of steel plate, strong, durable and resistant to bolt cutters.

For higher security, pair the Kossie lock with the Vanma smart padlock.

The Vanma Smart Padlock will ensure that only you or your employees have access to the container or van truck.

Vanma smart padlock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. That only can be unlocked after the password verification is successful by the smart That only can be unlocked after the password verification is successful by the smart key, so it is anti-magnetic and anti-technical unlocking. And the lock body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is IP67 rated, so it is weatherproof and has a high level of dust and water resistance. At the same time, the hidden shackle design can prevent the bolt cutters close to the shackle.

It is especially suitable for situations where multiple people manage a container or van truck. Because the smart key will automatically record the time, person and place when unlocking and locking the lock. No matter what accident happens, the manager can find the responsible person through the data.

It also has a very important function, it supports multiple keys to unlock one lock, only need to set the unlocking permission for each lock in advance in the system software. It also supports one key to unlock multiple locks. When there are multiple containers and van trucks to be managed, each person only needs to carry one key to unlock each container and truck.


  • When using padlocks to lock your containers, it is best to use closed or concealed release padlocks, bolt locks, and discus locks. This stops the most commonly used bolt cutters attacks because it hides the shackle from hacksaws and hinders leverage attacks. This makes it impossible for any thief to try to pick, saw or cut the lock on a padlock.
  • Before buying any lock, be sure to measure all specifications to see if they will work on your container or truck, especially the width of the shackle hole.
  • Weatherproof. Containers and trucks are often used outdoors, and it is essential that padlocks can withstand a bad environment.
  • Many container veterans find that using many different types of security devices on their containers provides excellent protection, so use heavy duty chains with the locks you use whenever possible.

Finally, the video below will help you understand how easy it is to install Kossie locks and padlocks on your container.


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