The Best and Least Expensive Access and Key Control Solution

Current problems:

Keys are often lost, resulting in theft of student classrooms, teachers’ offices, and student apartments. On the other hand, schools will have to pay more to reconfigure the keys. Generally speaking, it is both expensive and unsafe.

Solution: JWM Access and key control system

The Best:

No wiring, no maintenance, no power supply design, greatly meet the installation of convenience, reduce the installation of equipment costs and labor costs.

One key unlocks multiple locks, lock more efficient, to solve the key clutter, management difficulties.

Record the information of unlock lock, electronic key has the function of storing information, can record the action and time information of switch lock every time, the responsibility is traced back to the individual.

Unable to copy, electronic key using electronic encryption technology, two-way verification, can not be copied. Once it is lost and marked through the management platform, access to its lock can be revoked.

Least Expensive:

One key unlocks multiple locks, the key is less, is not easy to be broken, the cost reduces naturally.

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