The Benefits of Electronic Door Lock Systems for Businesses

Keeping offices and commercial buildings secure is nothing new. Safety has always been a top priority in the workplace, and whether it’s giving employees keys or hiring security guards to patrol, every business has some security measures in place. With the advancement of access control technology, more and more enterprises have accepted the electronic door lock system and upgraded the original simple mechanical lock to the electronic door lock system.

How can electronic door lock system make businesses more secure?

Electronic door lock systems are an important investment for any industry, no matter for small and enterprise businesses. Because the electronic door lock system can keep unauthorized people out and improve the overall security of the factory or building. Take the Vanma electronic door lock system as an example.

It makes key management easier.

The electronic lock and the electronic key are not matched by physical means but communicated by electric current. So, it can unlock multiple locks with one key. This helps the employee get rid of the keychain. In addition, when the key is lost, there is no need to change the lock. Because the Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. When a key is added to the blacklist, it will not have permission to unlock any locks. This saves businesses the cost of replacing locks.


Its installation is more convenient.

Compared with other smart lock systems, Vanma electronic locks are more convenient to install. Because it does not require wiring. This is very important for museums and art galleries. Because wiring means extensive changes to the structure, this is likely to damage the artwork or artifacts.


It can be used for a long time.

Because the Vanma electronic lock has no power supply, the power supply is integrated into the key, so there will be no situation where the lock cannot be unlocked because the lock is out of power. Charging the key is definitely a better option than charging the lock. And the protection level of the Vanma electronic door lock is IP67, it can work normally even outdoors, without worrying about rain or snow.

vanma electronic door lock

What are the signs that I need to upgrade to an electronic door locking system?

  1. Your employees spend a lot of time managing keys
  2. No way to easily check who visited the building and when
  3. You’re managing separate commercial electronic door lock systems for each of your locations.
  4. Inability to change employee permissions easily

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