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The Basics of Access Control Door Lock System

If your critical equipment is located at a remote site, securing it can be very important to you. But that doesn’t mean just protecting the network from hackers is enough. Sometimes physical attacks are the most effective. Because if a device is stolen, it can impact your operations and bottom line.

So, the first step in securing remote sites is to keep unauthorized people out of your facility. Access control systems are designed to determine who is allowed in or out, where and when they are allowed to enter or leave.

Mechanical locks and keys are not enough

Although traditional mechanical locks can play a protective role, they are not suitable for remote facilities. Because they don’t restrict key holders to a specific time or date.

And such keys do not provide usage records, and can easily be copied or transferred to unauthorized persons. It’s also a hassle when permissions are revoked or keys are lost. Because you will have to think about replacing the lock. If a person in a higher position is revoked or the key is lost, a large number of locks will need to be replaced. This is not a small cost.

mechanical lock

Security access control system

With the development of technology, there are now many ways to replace mechanical keys, such as swiping cards, entering passwords, key fobs, and even biometric scanning. There is also a more secure and convenient way: the Vanma electronic key.

Compared with other alternatives to mechanical keys, it has the advantage of being more convenient and low-cost. Because its operating logic is the same as that of a mechanical lock, employees do not need to learn how to use the new system, saving learning costs. Generally speaking, access control systems need to be plugged in, which means that in addition to the price of the system itself, you also need to pay a large installation fee. But the Vanma Smart Lock doesn’t require installation fees. It’s very easy to install, the same as a mechanical lock, and doesn’t require a power connection.

vanma electronic door lock

In addition, the Vanma smart lock system also has the following functions:

  • Flexible authorization: This is undoubtedly the most essential feature. You can set different permissions for each key through the smart lock management system. Aspects of authorization include unlocking time and locks that can be opened. If you are using a fingerprint electronic key, you can also set who can open it.
  • Can’t be replicated: Vanma smart locks, unlike ordinary mechanical locks, have no keyhole and don’t need to be matched by the shape of the key. Vanma smart locks have metal contacts, which communicate with the key through the contacts and authenticate whether the lock can be unlocked.
Flexible authorization
  • Audit function: The audit function can help you know who unlocked the lock and when. When an accident occurs, it can be tracked through the audit function to find out who unlocked the lock last and inquire about the relevant situation.
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  • Blacklist: For managers, the most troubling thing is the loss of keys. Because this can pose a security risk to the remote site. If a mechanical lock is used, the original lock needs to be replaced. But if you are using a Vanma smart lock, you just need to add the lost key to the blacklist in the system and it will not have permission to open any locks.

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