The Application of the Smart Lock of Shenbei Water Utilities to Solve the Problem of Fire Safety

In recent years, there have been a series of problems such as unscientific planning, unreasonable layout, untimely inspection and insufficient water supply in the construction of fire-fighting water source facilities exposed in many major fire accidents nationwide.

In order to strengthen the responsibility of firewater management, Shenyang Water Utilities apply JWM electronic lock water management system to form a clear work division and mutual cooperation.

The electronic lock management system clarifies the supervision and evaluation mechanism of the firewater source facilities to ensure that the firewater source facilities have a grasp at every level. The construction and maintenance of firewater sources are listed as an important part of fire safety assessment, and inspection and supervision inspections are carried out according to the prescribed period. For problems discovered during the regular inspection, maintenance, and maintenance, timely feedback is processed to further clarify fire protection and water supply.

JWM Smart Lock System Features:

1. Technology leadership

The JMW series electronic lock integrates a microelectronic single-chip microcomputer, which avoids being opened by technology like traditional mechanical locks or seals. The metal part of the lock core is made of stainless steel, the internal chip uses closed technology, and the all-metal shell is durable and adaptable. The requirements for waterproof, dustproof, and vandal-proof for outdoor applications are IP68. Therefore, the malicious unlocking behavior of others is eliminated, and the destruction of the important equipment in the cabinets of various industries is absolutely avoided, and the normal operation of system equipment in various industries is effectively guaranteed.

2. No maintenance required without power supply

The JWM series electronic lock does not require a battery or external power supply. It is powered by the electronic key when it is turned on. In this way, it is more convenient for application, and it also eliminates the maintenance work of the lock body-regular battery replacement, etc.

3. Accountability

The electronic key has the ability to record unlocking events. There are records for unlocking, such as the record: Zhang San opened it at 2015-11-23 10:08:46, which provides a strong basis for analyzing the event.

4. Uniqueness

The electronic lock has a unique ID code, which makes the location unique, which can better manage the corresponding location information.

5. Three-level password verification, safe and convenient (one key to unlock multiple locks)

The unlocking process of an electronic key and patrol lock is completed by password verification, which can be set by system software to realize that a key can open the patrol lock of a certain area, which is safe and convenient and can also be set dynamically It is safer and more practical to set an electronic key to open certain designated patrol locks in a certain period of time.

6. Easy installation

The JWM series of electronic locks adopt various standard lock sizes, which are easy to install and transform. Just replace the original mechanical lock core with a corresponding size lock (electronic lock) core, and the construction is simple.

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