Telecommunication Infrastructure Security Solutions

Physical Telecom Security

Physical security is paramount for the telecommunications industry and one of the biggest challenges that telecom network operators have to face while managing their networks of base stations.

Theft and vandalism are common physical threats that telecom network operators have to face when managing their cell base stations. On this issue, mobile network operators across the globe are taking action to deal with theft and vandalism.

In addition to common physical threats, a clear trend in telecom is the so-called infrastructure or site sharing. Government regulators in many markets encourage or demand network operators to share their sites and collaborate with other operators. This means there is a multitude of people that need to access not only the main gates to the shared sites, but also separate assets owned by various operators inside the shared sites. This makes access management more complex.

In these cases, access management based only on traditional mechanical keys may be difficult. Telecom sites need reliable access control management to improve the security of mobile network operators’ cellular site networks.

The Ideal Solution

Based on unique technology, key-centric access management system is built with the end user in mind. It’s based around three elements: a smart key, electronic cylinders and a robust management software. Each smart key is unique, impossible to duplicate, and re-programmable, enabling it to unlock one or all lock and, in the event of loss or theft, such keys can be swiftly disabled.

This solution does not require cables. The lock (also called a cylinder) does not require a power or battery, which means it can be installed on any door (just like a mechanical lock) without maintenance. The permissions are stored in it. If your employee has authorization for the lock, it will unlock. If you do not have permission, you will not be allowed to enter, and all activities performed by the key will be recorded.

Advanced software can provide access to all operations performed by the end user, including a complete audit trail. This information is used by telecom operators for supervision and auditing.

Telecom base stations are critical infrastructure components that require continuous physical security monitoring. With a key-centric access control system, mobile network operators can improve their security and efficiency.

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