Substation Cases Frequently Stolen?

Do you often encounter unprovoked power failure at home, and the whole street lamp is not on? This situation in addition to power maintenance, is basically the substation box stolen again. It is outrageous that these hateful thieves have directly affected the lives of thousands or more residents for valuable metals and equipment such as copper wires in power transformers.

With the rapid development of the society, people’s lives have been inseparable from the use of electricity, even if the substation box is stolen, before the thieves are not caught, the power company must also be the first time to rush repair, which is a huge loss for the involved residents and the power company.

Faced with the huge losses caused by frequent theft risks, power companies must take corresponding measures. Substation boxes often stolen can not do without the absence of inspection system, patrol personnel passive, and lock unsafe. How to deal with such a phenomenon, to avoid the occurrence of theft, is the company managers need to pay attention to solve the problem.

Aiming at the key work of distribution security, the smart grid inspection system of JWM applies the mode of smart APP+ smart bluetooth electronic key, and coordinates with the high security intelligent passive electronic lock to ensure on-site safe operation, improve operation efficiency, and realize the information management of distribution network security.

This system manages the authorized smart key through the APP, gives the key to open the passive electronic lock in the authorized area, and at the same time collects and saves the records of each lock operation, which has the function of storing and interacting the data information of the switch and lock. By recording the function of switch and lock, the manager can arrange inspectors to check the safety of substation boxes in each region at a specified time, and the inspection system becomes more rigorous.

JWM intelligent lock system (passive electronic locks) integrates microelectronics microcontroller, avoided like traditional mechanical lock or seal opened by technology, lock core metal part is made of stainless steel material, the internal chip adopt closed technology, full metal jacket, strong and durable, can adapt to the outdoor applications such as waterproof, dustproof, prevent damage requirements, protection grade IP68. Thus put an end to others malicious lock behavior, put an end to the destruction of important equipment in the industry box, effectively ensure the normal operation of the industry system equipment.

How to avoid frequent burglaries of substation boxes, perhaps just one option can minimize the damage.

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