Street Light Management Solution

Current Situation of Streetlamp Safety Hidden Danger

City night lighting is the symbol of modern city. Streetlamps not only show the image of the city but also protect the safety of night for thousands of families. The normal operation of streetlamps and good maintenance of electric control boxes directly reflect the management level of the city and the current situation of the development of science and technology. Nowadays, according to scientific and effective management methods to decrease the hidden troubles is a significant means for the management and construction of urban street lamps.

Main Problems

Streetlamp System Running Safety Facing Big Challenge

Some of units carry out construction without audit. If the relevant departments do not find it in time maybe could damage the underground wire of streetlamp.

Higher Cost of Maintenance

The frequency of patrol and management efforts cannot up to the standard of requirement. Electricity theft and leakage will cause huge economic losses.

Cannot Manage Maintenance Personnel Effectively

Due to inadequate management and maintenance personnel, it is not known whether to open the lock or not. There is no accountability for a major accident.


Intelligent passive electronic lock embedded with standard electronic lock core is a high security intelligent lock with information task management function. The material of core apartment is stainless steel. The lock possesses artificial intelligence attributes, and perfect logic design brings another brand-new product experience.

Intelligent Passive Electronic Lock Management System

Permission Management

One key could open multiple locks based on the permission assigned.

Process Management

Electronic keys record the event of unlock lock which also provides a basis for the task process.

Security Management

  • Three-level Password Permission and Active key.
  • Copy protection.
  • Prevent technical unlocking.
  • Layer-by-layer controls and management.

Scientific Management

Scientific and efficient management of operators, keys, locks, and events.

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