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How to Install A Smart Electronic Storage Cabinet Lock?

The application of Vanma smart electronic storage cabinet lock can be seen in shopping malls, banks, and government agencies. How to install Smart Electronic Storage Cabinet Lock?

The installation process is as follows:
1. The buyer confirms the cabinet model;
2. Buyers contact JWM to provide demand;
3. The buyer confirms the thickness of the cabinet door and customizes the length of the cabinet lock;
4. JWM delivery, buyer installs.


Installation Tool

Tools for installation include an auger, hand hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, wooden pole, chisel, tape measure, and other tools.

Installation Steps

1. Preparations before installing the lock

First, identify whether the installation lock is a cabinet lock, check whether the keyhole and the opening direction of the bolt are the same, and avoid confusion with the cabinet lock. Use the key to open the lock several times, check whether the movement of each transmission part is flexible, and check whether the accessories of the lock are complete according to the manual.

2. Precautions During Installation

Care should be taken during installation to avoid scratching the paint on the surface of the furniture. First, find the center position of the lock head at a distance of 200mm from the top edge of the cabinet lock, and drill the through-hole with a 625mm wood drill. Taking the centerline of the lock head as the axis of symmetry, draw the position of the inlay according to the width of the lockbox and the bottom plate, and then use the lock surface of the cabinet as the benchmark to draw the depth of the inlay groove according to the length of the lock head and the thickness of the lockbox.

3. Cabinet Lock After Installation Test

After drawing, use a hand saw to cut a saw on the dimension line behind the cabinet lock panel, remove the middle part with a chisel, and chisel out the inlay groove of the bottom plate and the lockbox. For cabinet locks with cabinet locks installed, there is no need to install handles, and keys can be used instead of handles. When the drawer needs to be opened, insert the key into the lock core and rotate 360 degrees clockwise. After the lock tongue is retracted into the lock body, turn the key counterclockwise by an angle, and pull the key to open the drawer. After unlocking the cabinet lock, turn the key clockwise to the open position and take it out. When the cabinet lock needs to be locked, close the cabinet lock by hand, insert the key, turn it 360 degrees counterclockwise to pull out, and close the cabinet lock.

Features of Vanma Storage Cabinet Lock

1. Unlock Controllability and Flexible

With traditional mechanical keys, there is an inevitable lack of control by not being able to know who can have copies of the keys. When using the electronic lock system, you can set the unlocking authority of the key through the management software.

2. Highly Manageable

Record the unlocking information, who unlocked the lock, when and where, and the responsibility is traced to the individual. If you lose the key, you can easily disable it in the system to ensure the security of the system.

3. Simple installation

The electronic lock is easy to install without wiring. It is very convenient to transform, as long as the original mechanical lock cylinder is replaced with an electronic lock cylinder of the corresponding size. There is no power supply in the lock body, which avoids the short life of the electronic lock due to the aging of the components in the lock body due to the long-term power supply.

4. One Key Unlock Multiple Locks

No more bundles of keys. With mechanical lock, we have to have a key for each user and lock. With Vanmalock, each user will have a unique smart key that contains all the permissions for which they are authorized.

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