The Solution of Smart Lock Management System for Smart Power Distribution Network


The implementation of the distribution scheme is as follows:

1. The “Smart key management system” sets different permissions according to 7 related roles of a system administrator, safety supervisor, duty manager, operation personnel, maintenance personnel, sanitation personnel, and construction personnel of foreign organizations ), Can more effectively control the staff to unlock the door by mistake (to solve the problem of WHERE), within the corresponding authorized time (to solve the problem of WHEN), the risk of non-workers entering and operating by mistake, the substation’s “unauthorized entry” “,” Over-right operation “problem has been substantially resolved.” Smart key management system “smart lock, there are two methods of sequential unlocking and selective unlocking, convenient and fast (solving the problem of WHAT & HOW).

2. According to the actual requirements of the project, go to on-site installation, commissioning, operation training and solve all technical problems of the equipment, inspect and evaluate the installation of the equipment, participate in testing, start-up and commissioning of the equipment, so that the equipment is ready for commissioning.

3. All operation personnel of the substation operation and maintenance room are equipped with authorization cards. The authorization card authority is pre-set according to the role of the personnel and has the authority to operate the locks of the corresponding controlled substation substations. After the operation is completed, the key is placed on the card reader, and the record is automatically returned to the server. The background can view, summarize and calculate the use of your own electronic key and the unlocking status of the substation lock within its jurisdiction.

4. The maintenance unit (transformer maintenance room, ICT) is equipped with an electronic key for the maintenance unit. When the maintenance personnel needs to go to the substation for overhaul, they should apply to the duty officer of the operation and maintenance room of the transformer substation. After authorization, the maintenance personnel receives it at their office location, and then the maintenance personnel takes the electronic key to the scene to perform the lock operation. After the operation is completed, the key is placed on the communication card reader, and the task is automatically returned to the server.

In recent years, the rapid development of the national economy, the rapid expansion of the scale of the power grid, a large number of substations growth; Reduce the security hidden danger, to achieve high reliability of power supply, enhance the level of professional management is imminent.

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