Smart Passive Locks Are Coming into Your Life

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart mobile phone.
Smart home is more and more popular.
Smart traffic, Uber, DiDi Traffic make our travel more convenient.
Smart pay makes Global Shopping come true.

But, What about your lock management? Is it smart?

  • Could you know when and who unlock your locks in real-time?
  • Is there a lock/unlock report to check?
  • Are you still carry a bunch of keys to unlock? Heavy and hard to distinguish.

JWM Smart Passive Lock Management System Lead Your Smart Life

One Key for N locks

One Key Unlocks Multiple Locks

We have many kinds of electronic locks. You could open multiple locks with one key. You do not have to unlock with a bunch of keys.

Distinct Unlocking Report
You could inquiry all the unlocking records and filter the report by key and time. Export unlocking report is also easy. xlsx/csv/pdf.

Widely used in tower base station, server room, communication room, transportation(like delivery van), railway protection, electronic power, water group, industrial enterprises, banks, public space, police, grain depot, munitions depot, intelligent district and other fields.

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