Smart Locks Are a Global Market Hit

No power interlock, as the name implies, is no need for external power supply, no need for built-in batteries, no need to install wiring, lock core using closed technology, users through the key and management software to achieve the full range of management. Provide power supply and identification information by the link key; Unlock permissions and unlock records are set by mobile APP or offline; The remote lock management system realizes the functions of permission setting, door lock state viewing, unlock record storage and retrieval, and lock information management. Lock operation status is pushed to the user’s mobile phone or remote management system in real time. Users can also make other customized Settings according to their needs. It is the solution with the highest level of security recognized internationally. With the rapid development of smart home industry, smart lock industry has become a new tuyere.


No power interlock is a combination of traditional mechanical lock, intelligent lock and the advantages of the Internet of things, integrated circuit design, the design of three anti-mechanical mechanism, mechatronics technology, intelligent identification, wireless communication and other technologies. It is mainly divided into two categories: one is the no power interlock without built-in chip and purely mechanical, which USES non-volatile media as information storage medium and USES optical or electromagnetic principles for information recognition. This technique can greatly improve the storage life of the information at the lock end and provide support for improving the tolerance of no power interlocks. The second kind is the no power interlock with built-in chip, which is the reverse transformation of the traditional electronic lock, transferring the power module in the traditional electronic lock to the link key. It has solved the problem of power supply and communication of traditional access control system, and has the advantage of convenient construction.

At the current stage, the smart lock market is mainly the enterprise market, one direction of the enterprise market is mainly the brand apartment, real estate and other “pre-installed market”, the transaction frequency is low, the transaction amount is large. Another direction is for the modification market, such as the power communication industry, such as power distribution box, and so on. No power interlocking after recent years of development, has been in power, communications, military, petroleum, shipping, logistics, bus, museum, department stores, railways, Banks, prisons, for industries such as in the concrete application, and in different application environments of different industries, the different trajectories, form a complete set of keys and management software function is also more detail. In the future, no power interlock is bound to be more widely used in various industries and has become a new bright star of the intelligent lock industry.

No power interlock, with five advantages to open 100 billion market. Smart lock market development space is huge. Our country’s intelligent lock in the civil lock market share is less than 5%, and in the enterprise market, intelligent lock is just starting, so the future intelligent lock market growth space is very large. At present, as an emerging technology in the world, no power interlock has five advantages: passive design, strong adaptability, high security, information and intelligence.

Advantage 1: no power design
No power interlock installation without wiring, convenient and fast. No power supply is needed to solve the problems of large size, complicated structure and high failure rate of traditional electronic locks. No power design greatly improves product stability, reduces maintenance and application costs, and saves energy and environmental protection.

Advantage 2: strong adaptability
No power interlock can be used to upgrade the traditional mechanical lock quickly. It only needs to replace the lock core, without replacing the whole door or lock. It is economical and applicable. The lock has no power supply, and the lock body structure is dustproof, waterproof and rust-proof, which can adapt to outdoor temperature and humidity, rain, lightning and other harsh environment.

Advantage 3: high security
The strong security system of triple authentication of no power interlock, client management authentication, operator login authentication and real-time unlocking authentication. The lock core adopts sealing design to prevent violence damage and technical opening.

Advantage 4: informatization
Intelligent electronic interlocks can be associated with company, operator, equipment, installation location and other information. Recordable operational information and sequence of operations for iot management. It can be extended as data node of sensor network.

Advantage 5: intelligentize
Intelligent electronic interlock connects the user and the lock closely and realizes the interconnection between the user and the lock. Overturned the traditional key concept, according to the need to set the key lock ratio to many, many to many, many to one way of opening the lock, effectively solve the key, management difficulties. With the function of patrol inspection, it can supervise the operation personnel to complete the state of unlocking.

With the advent of the era of the Internet of everything, many industries are scrambling for transformation and upgrading, accelerating the construction of new platforms such as “smart grid”, “smart communication”, “smart transportation” and “smart warehousing and logistics”. And how to strengthen the safety management, has become a big problem in front of each industry enterprises.

No power interlocking reliability is high, it is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection, high ratio of free maintenance intelligent locks, good to solve the security problem facing life, industrial lock, under the impetus of the intelligent manufacturing, billions of market is open, intelligent electronic interlocking will seize market opportunities, gained popularity in all walks of life.

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