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Smart Lock VS Electronic Lock, What Is the Difference?

Smart Lock VS Electronic Lock,
What Are the Differences?

Both smart locks and electronic locks are more convenient options than traditional mechanical locks. Choosing one of them means you don’t need to carry a physical key with you.

But smart locks and electronic locks work differently, what is the difference? Which one to choose?

Smart Locks

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that can be thought of as part of a smart home. A smart lock can receive commands from an authorized device to unlock and lock the lock. It can also send alarms and monitor access to different events, or events related to the status of the device. Most smart locks are now installed on mechanical locks and act as a physical upgrade to them.

Smart locks require two parts to work properly: the key and the lock. But the key is not a physical key in the traditional sense, but a smartphone, or other special function keys. The purpose of the key is to wirelessly perform the authentication needed to automatically unlock the door.

smart lock

Electronic Locks

An electronic lock is a locking device that is operated by an electric current. Electronic locks are self-contained, with their electronic control element mounted directly on the lock.

Take the Vanma electronic lock as an example. It is an access control system, enabling control of the key authorization, and can add or remove key authorization at any time. The Vanma electronic lock also allows fine-grained access control and automatic trip data reporting. It can also grant permissions remotely, which can be a significant time cost saver for businesses.

Vanma electronic lock

How to choose?

It really depends on your preferences and needs. But you can look at one of the following for reference.


  • The average cost of a smart lock and related accessories ranges from $150 to $400, usually around $200.
  • Electronic locks range in price from $100 to $300, depending on the number of features and the level of security they can provide.

Application Scenarios

  • For homes or commercial buildings, smart locks are the better choice.
  • For infrastructure or if you need to use it outdoors, electronic locks are a better choice.


Smart Locks

  1. Expensive. It is at least 2-3 times more expensive than a regular lock and does not include installation costs.
  2. Different types of vulnerabilities. Smart locks require a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and if they fail, the smart lock will not work properly.
  3. Battery. You need to pay attention to the battery level and replace it before it runs out, otherwise, you will not be able to open the lock.

Electronic locks

  1. Access codes can be stolen. If you are using a coded electronic lock, the code can be stolen by others. But with Vanma electronic locks there will be no such problem. Because it is unlocked by key and has a blacklist feature, a lost key will not have access to unlock the door.
  2. Power out. Electronic locks also need to be powered on to work properly. If the power supply fails, the electronic lock will not work properly. But you can choose to use a passive electronic lock, such as Vanma electronic lock. Its power source is in the key, not in the lock. So it can work normally even if the power is out. If the electronic key is out of power, you only need to charge the electronic key, it will not affect normal use.

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