Smart Lock System Provides Security Solution for Xi'an Railwa

Security issues in the retail industry can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Risks in the retail industry usually appear in two areas: data breaches and physical theft. In order to properly protect your business, you must first understand the risks involved.

Existing problems in railway management

The on-site operation and maintenance management of railway engineering are more and more difficult, and the safety management of high-speed rail closed protective network is becoming more and more difficult. How to ensure the safe operation of high-speed rail and the personal safety of on-site operators is a big headache for managers.

The unlocking method of traditional locks cannot confirm the identity of the operator, nor can it control and record the unlocking process. The key is either a universal key, which cannot be controlled after being lost, or it is easy to be copied. Once it is acquired by unscrupulous persons and the equipment is destroyed, it will bring unpredictable hidden dangers to the safe production of railways.

Important railway equipment needs to be regularly inspected and maintained, and good equipment status can ensure the safe operation of the railway. Because the railway equipment is too scattered, there may be a lack of management and supervision, and on-site supervision of equipment personnel is not in place. Once the equipment is missed, hidden safety hazards may not be discovered, and security risks are increased virtually.

The use of traditional locks in the work of railway closed protective nets is difficult to achieve effective management. The situation of entering the network within the unauthorized period of time cannot be effectively controlled, so that the personal safety of the operator is threatened.

Our intelligent management system will give you the perfect solution!

In order to strengthen the effective management of locks and prevent the occurrence of security accidents. In January 2016, Shanxi West Railway Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. adopted a smart lock management system.

First of all, the staff needs to connect the mobile phone with the smart electronic key via Bluetooth, and then send the unlock permission application to the manager through the mobile phone inspection app.

After obtaining the permission, you can temporarily unlock the lock that needs to be unlocked. After the lock is unlocked, the electronic key will record the information of the unlocker and the time of the unlocking and locking. Our system will record all the unlocked information and generate reports.

This system combines the safety and focus of railway field operations to form effective management and control of equipment inspection operations, standardize the use of keys, improve supervision efficiency, solve the troubles caused by lost or duplicated keys, and realize the railway Information management of equipment and field operation safety.

By authorizing the electronic key, the management system realizes the unlocking, locking, real-time monitoring lock and unlock information query of the smart electronic lock, and realize an electronic key (according to authorization) to open multiple smart padlocks.

The system can be used not only for the scientific management of inspection work, but also for the control and management of key doors (equipment) locks, which adds a powerful guarantee for the safe production of railways.

Instructions for the use of smart padlocks:

◆ Use the Bluetooth key to connect with the mobile phone APP. After the connection is successful, the key will be time-calibrated and authorized.

◆ After the operation is completed, the APP will enter the unlock or lock prompt interface, and then use the electronic key to open and close the lock;

◆ After the operation is successful, the APP will pop up a photo prompt interface. Press the “Photo” button to take a photo;

◆ After the operation is completed, click the back button to save and upload the unlocking or unlocking record.

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