Smart Lock System for NONGFU SPRING Water Supply Escort

Disadvantages of traditional patrol:

Stuff needs to patrol regularly on water source pollution, waste of pump station resources, old equipment damage and other situations to master the operation of the pump station. However, due to the wide coverage and a large number of equipments, the workload of the inspection staff is very large. In the past, manual was used to collect inspection data, which often resulted in missed copy and inspection. At the same time, the lack of inspection data led to the formation of a real and reliable database in the whole data collection process. The quality of the water supply is seriously affected by the problem.

Linjiang spring water source (Jilin China)

As one of the water sources of NONGFU SPRING, in order he relevant inspection system and realizes the effective supervision and management of patrol staff through scientific and effective technical means.

Smart GPS patrol management
Daily patrol: comprehensively improve the safety of water supply

In the daily patrol, the waterworks bring in smart GPS guard tour system, which can not only better supervise the patrol time and route but also check the real-time track, improving the standardization, visualization and intelligent management of patrol work. Moreover, when patrol staff finds the phenomenon that endangers the safe operation of the water supply network and water supply facilities, they can collect the data and feed it back to the system management platform in the first time, so that the relevant departments of the company can quickly locate and confirm the situation and conduct emergency treatment. Prevent accidents and ensure the safety and stability of daily operations.

Smart lock management system
Regular maintenance and repair: fine management to improve water supply support capacity

Linjiang spring water supply co., ltd. is equipped with a smart electronic padlock on the door of each pump room of water supply facilities such as water well, pump station, valve, and water pressure meter. The smart padlock management system is based on the computer management software as the background, with the Bluetooth function of mobile phone and mobile phone APP for the setting. When the lock body and the electronic key contact, the time, event, and other information in the smart padlock are imported into the electronic key at the same time, and the data will be uploaded to the smart padlock system through the mobile phone APP. The system realizes the unified management of information such as daily maintenance and reference, and the data can be queried and printed, so as to realize the purpose of early warning and feedback mechanism.

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