Smart Lock Builds Smart Base Station for China Tower Corporation Chongqing Branch

The tower base station serves as the infrastructure for communication transmission. The staffs’ daily maintenance of the base station will directly affect the normal operation of the image communication transmission system.

In order to ensure the daily normal operation of the communication base station and strengthen the maintenance, management and troubleshooting of the network and equipment in the base station, the China Tower Corporation Chongqing Branch is equipped with JWM smart lock for all important equipment facilities such as base station doors and outdoor cabinets.

JWM smart electronic lock combines the characteristics of mechanical lock and electronic lock. It is composed of lock body and lock cylinder, and there is no power supply in the lock body. When the electronic key is inserted into the lock cylinder, power is supplied to the electronic lock cylinder through the key, and dynamic key verification is performed. At the same time, the key is turned to unlock the lock. The smart electronic lock has a unique ID code, and three levels of password authority management + dynamic key, anti-copy and anti-technical unlocking, strengthen control, smart and efficient.


First, use the Bluetooth key to link with the mobile phone APP. After the App and the Bluetooth key communicate successfully, the Bluetooth key will be time-calibrated and authorized;

◆ When all operations are completed, the App will enter the unlock or lock prompt interface (the App has completed the authorization of the Bluetooth electronic key), and then insert the key into the lock hole for unlock or lock operation;

◆ After the operation is successful, the App will pop up a prompt interface for taking photos. At this time, you can press the “Take Photo” button to take photos;

◆ After the operation is completed, click the back button to save and upload the locking or unlocking record.

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