Smart Electronic Locks are Becoming the Future of Locks

Mechanical lock with human life has a history of hundreds of years, even today, is still mainly use lock in our life, can not satisfy the modern people to lock high reliability, high security, information technology, intelligentized, since the 50 s, semiconductor technology, people on this technology was applied to lock, invented the variety, feature-rich electronic lock. After entering the 21st century, the electronic lock is characterized by the large volume, frequent maintenance, complex structure, universalization, low standardization, and high failure rate. Therefore, an intelligent electronic lock emerges as The Times requires.

Intelligent electronic lock is a kind of lock that combines the characteristics of the mechanical padlock and electronic lock. It is composed of intelligent electronic lock, intelligent key, and management software. There is no need to install power in the intelligent electronic lock. When the smart key is inserted into the lock core, the smart key supplies power to the electronic lock. It is currently the highest level of internationally recognized security outcome scheme.

JWM intelligent electronic locks, zinc alloy material is qualitative, using temperature range – 60 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ ,safe and reliable, not easy to damage, waterproof, shock, corrosion, can be used in all kinds of bad environment, can be applied to logistics vehicles, railway high-speed rail fence on either side of the door lock, power equipment boxes, warehouse, traffic signal power supply equipment boxes, underground pipe gallery electric power, communications equipment cabinet lock, port freight container padlock, etc.

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