Smart Electronic Lock VS Normal Lock

Advantage One:

Lock Body — Material

Intelligent electronic lock body uses stainless steel material, the material is more solid, from the security, not easy to be pried, more reliable; from the economic cost, intelligent electronic lock can be used in all kinds of harsh environment and extreme weather, the service life is longer, greatly reduce because of the lock body old, corrosion brings the replacement cost.

And normal lock majority uses zinc alloy or copper, quality is inferior to stainless steel lock, service life is short, security is not well.

Lock Cylinder — Characteristics

The intelligent electronic lock is embedded with the electronic lock cylinder that has the function of storing information.

And the normal mechanical lock does not have this characteristic, the security cannot be guaranteed, locks are stolen and pried from time to time.

Normal LockSmart Padlock Body

Advantage Two:

Electronic Key — Structure

The electronic key with the world’s unique 64 ID identification code, strong reliability, high security. The electronic key has an internal circuit structure and a battery that powers the electronic lock when it is unlocked, and information is exchanged to determine whether the key can open the specific lock.

Electronic Key

And normal key does not contain circuit structure generally, unlock a lock is simple, but dangerous coefficient is high, “iron wire” the theft incident that unlocks a lock causes often happens, may even cause serious economic losses.

Normal Key

Electronic Key – Feature 1: One Key Unlock Multiple Locks

Smart electronic lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special electronic key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple electronic locks, unlock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties.

One Key Unlock Mulitple Locks

Normal lock a key can only unlock a lock, lock efficiency is poor. Too many keys in a mess, trying the lock one by one? Have you ever had such a problem?

One Key Unlock One Lock

Electronic Key – Feature 2: Record Lock/Unlock Information

Electronic key has the function of storing information, and can record the action and time information of each unlock lock, responsibility traced back to the individual.

The normal key does not have a record store function.

Electronic Key – Feature 3: Cannot Be Copied

Electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification (key, and lock) , cannot be copied.

The key to a normal lock can usually be copied.

Electronic Key – Feature 4: Flexible Authorization

The electronic key according to the management authority to unlock, can be specific to someone, a period of time, a lock, flexible management, in line with the actual needs.

The normal key has no authorization function.

Advantage Three:

Management Platform

The intelligent electronic lock system is equipped with a free professional intelligent management platform, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. Who, when and where to open the lock at a glance, responsibility traced back to the individual. The unlock lock record background is clearly visible, record the real-time upload, backstage to receive and upload (unlock) data in real-time, and efficiently manage the on-site operation information. Support lock record multi-format one-click export, management is easier.

Intelligent Management
Traditional Paper Record Management

And the normal lock unlocking is usually between people through the way of verbal or text message for task communication. Unable to monitor the timeliness and credibility of its work, once there is a safety accident and unable to hold accountable. Unlock records through paper and pen record, malicious tampering, out of nothing, have no way of knowing.