Shutter Padlock to Make Your Rolling Door Safer

For stores or factories the protection of assets and goods is essential. At present, most stores and factories are still using mechanical locks to lock the roller shutter doors. However, because the roller shutter door is outdoors, mechanical locks that do not have waterproof and dust-proof properties,so it is often lose their protection effect due to rust. And because the mechanical key is very easy to be copied, it also greatly threatens the safety of the store.

JWM Smart Shutter Lock Features

Control and schedule access
Using the management software, the administrator can authorize which key can unlock the smart lock within the specified time.

High security

The JWM smart shutter Padlocks made of hardened steel, and boasts a water-resistance rating of IP68. The lock body is designed to withstand tough environments and extreme weather conditions, can effectively prevent erosion and physical damage.

Not copyable

When unlocking, the key and lock authenticate each other, making the key difficult to be copied.


The administrator authorizes the smart key in the software and assigns the smart key to the store clerk.

When the store clerk tries to unlock, the unlock record will be generated, and the administrator can view the data report in the software.

Once a key is lost, the administrator can add this key to the blacklist, then this key will no longer have unlock permission, if a blacklist key attempts to unlock, the system will send an alert message to the administrator.

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