Security Challenges for Power Utilities

Power utilities face a variety of security challenges. Finding appropriate security systems to ensure that substations have access to doors and doors is essential.

But sometimes the protection of doors and power facilities will be threatened by power outages.

JWM access control system is tailor made for power utilities. This robust system allows power utilities to track and control access to critical infrastructure, without hardwiring.

JWM provides utilities with a system that:

  • Is cost effective and practical
  • Manages access to protected critical assets
  • Records physical access attempts
  • Manages physical access to facility perimeter
  • Controls access for authorized personnel

Remote access control

The smart key provides all the power for the smart lock ; therefore, no cumbersome installation work is required, make thesmart management system an ideal solution for remote areas.

Higher security:

JWM smart lock are designed to withstand a variety of harsh conditions while maintaining security, making them the ideal solution for outdoor applications. JWM padlocks are IP68 rated.

Easy installation:

A variety of lock cylinders have been designed for retrofitting various access points, including doors, cabinets, gates, etc.
The smart lock cylinders is directly modified into the existing hardware, which is very convenient to install and low in cost.

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