Scientific Management Of Coal Power Enterprises

Production safety is the first priority of enterprises, which focuses on the operation safety of production equipment. Some equipment and distribution boxes will even be properly arranged with locks. Therefore, patrol inspection is particularly important in the daily management of enterprises. For this reason, the enterprise has organized a large number of maintenance personnel to carry out regular operation and maintenance inspection on these important equipment. However, the traditional paper inspection report is difficult to record, data easy to cheat and other characteristics are difficult to avoid, it is difficult for managers to accurately track the maintenance personnel’s work status, and it is difficult for the company to achieve information management.

Inner Mongolia Huaneng Yimin Coal power Co., Ltd. is located in the world famous steppe — Hulunbuir Steppe, with 5061 employees on the job. The company now has 21 production units and functional departments such as power plant and open-pit mine, and is a national large-scale coal power joint venture.

Smart lock system application

In order to further standardize the equipment management of coal power company and straighten out the responsibilities of equipment management, Yimin Coal power Company has equipped the mechanical and electrical management department with a smart lock management system. Maintenance personnel through the equipment inspection of the lock operation, the management department can clearly know the maintenance personnel work in place, improve the level of equipment, give full play to the efficiency of equipment, ensure the normal operation of equipment and safe production.

JWM smart lock system helps Inner Mongolia Huaneng Yimin Coal power Company to build a scientific maintenance management system. By strengthening safety management and reducing equipment failure rate, the work process is more rigorous and clear, and the management is more perfect.

The maintenance personnel carries the smart electronic key to the worksite, the administrator authorizes the maintenance personnel through the smart passive lock system, and the maintenance personnel connects the APP with the power key by BlueTooth of the mobile phone.

Then use the electronic key to contact the smart lock, the indicator light flashes, the electronic key works, and supply power to the electronic lock core of the lock. After key verification, turn the key to unlock the lock and record the unlock state of the electronic key. Without key verification, the lock cannot be unlocked.

When the work is completed, the record information in the electronic key will be uploaded to the management software using the APP to generate the log. The manager can view the working status of the person bound to the key to the manager’s centralized assessment and management.

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