Safety Protection and Management of Ancient Buildings

Ancient buildings are precious cultural treasures left for us by our ancestors. They have many values such as history, culture, technology, and art. A well-preserved ancient building is not only an important material for the study of historical culture at a certain stage, but also a historical witness of social and cultural changes.

Ancient buildings are priceless and cannot be copied. Once lost, ancient buildings cannot be regenerated. Purchasing insurance for ancient buildings does not guarantee that cultural relics and ancient buildings will not be damaged in the face of fire or man-made destruction. Therefore, the management of ancient buildings is more focused on precautions.

In 2011, the Forbidden City was stolen because the traditional ordinary mechanical padlock was used in the Forbidden City. After that, the Forbidden City began to look for an access control solution that could replace the traditional mechanical padlock. Although there was an alternative access control system at the time, the Forbidden City had to cut off the power after it was closed to prevent fire hazards when there was no one at night. Therefore, the traditional security access control system can only monitor the situation outside the palace and is ineffective for security protection in the Forbidden City.

Therefore, many similar ancient wooden buildings have similar safety problems. In order to ensure the perfect presentation of ancient buildings, no damage can be done to the doors of any ancient buildings. The shape of the lock must be a traditional mechanical padlock style and at the same time have high security.

Therefore, the emergence of passive electronic locks perfectly solves this problem. The passive electronic lock system is composed of three parts: passive electronic lock, electronic key, and management software.[

The appearance of the passive electronic lock is similar to the mechanical lock, but a standard smart lock cylinder is embedded, which is a high-security lock with information task management function. Since passive electronic locks do not require power supply, they can be used in a wider range, and are more suitable for use in some troublesome power supply, strict electrical requirements, and some harsh environments; and for such wooden buildings, it is the most suitable solution.

The administrator can assign unlock permissions to the keys according to the needs of unlocking management. The permissions include the list of locks that the key can unlock, the user who holds it, the unlocking date and time period. The unlocking record of each door is saved in the key for traceability.

In addition, we must strictly guard against intentional vandalism by tourists. When tourists enter the tourist area or during the tour, they should continue to publicize and educate them. Those who commit sabotage and causes adverse consequences shall be sanctioned by legal, economic, and other means. In order to strengthen the awareness of the protection of cultural relics and historical sites, isolation devices should be erected for important cultural relics to prevent visitors from touching or climbing.

High-level cultural relics and historical sites should be assigned special personnel to be responsible for them, and they should be inspected frequently or regularly to maintain the overall safety of cultural relics and historical sites.

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