Safety in the Water Industry

The water industry is different from other industries in that its main responsibility is to store and distribute clean water. If management is not strengthened, criminals may poison the water and cause large-scale poisoning incidents. In order to prevent such terrible things from happening, the relevant departments have decided to strengthen the access control security of the water industry. But this is not a simple task.

Safety in the Water Industry

Scattered Sites

If the traditional wiring access control system is used, it will increase the cost. Not only installation costs, but also maintenance costs. The wires are exposed to the outside all year round, which can easily lead to the aging of the wires. Trouble shooting is very time-consuming, and in the process of power supply, too long lines will cause the loss of power. Therefore, Vanma passive electronic lock is a very good choice. No wiring is required, saving costs.

Extreme Weather

This is a problem that all outdoor facilities need to face. Generally, water industry facilities are either located in partial areas or in harsh environments. In addition, water treatment facilities are often exposed to high humidity, and coastal areas are dominated by sea salt and air, which will accelerate corrosion. Vanma smart locks are all IP68-rated, waterproof and dustproof, and can be protected from the erosion of storms and rains.

Isolate and suffer malicious damage

Isolated facilities are at higher risk of being broken into. Because people are always curious about the unknown, they will use these isolated buildings as their targets of exploration. Vanma smart lock is made of stainless steel and will not be easily damaged.

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