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Which Type of Roller Shutter Door Lock Is More Secure?

The roller shutter door is composed of multi-joint movable door pieces connected in series. It is suitable for public places or residences such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines.
Roller Shutter Door Locks are used to secure garage roller doors and shop shutters. If there is no lock on the roller shutter door, the rolling shutter will be useless there. Therefore, the roller shutter door lock is as important as the rolling shutter door.
Which roller shutter door lock is more secure? Read my opinion below.

Roller Shutter Door Locks

Types of Roller Shutter Door Lock

There are many types of rolling door locks, mainly divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks. Common types of roller shutter door locks are shown in the pictures below. Since the lock is customizable, it looks different but works the same.
The main function of the lock is to prevent theft. Different door lock environments will use different types of locks. For example, only ordinary mechanical padlocks are used in utility rooms, mechanical locks with stronger and higher anti-theft levels are used in garages or shops, and electronic rolling shutter door locks must be used in hospitals, industrial or valuables warehouses

Roller Shutter Door Lock
Roller Shutter Door Lock
Roller Shutter Door Lock
Roller Shutter Door Lock

Necessity of Electronic Roller Shutter Door Lock

We know that ordinary roller shutter door locks are cheaper and easier to install and operate. However, its protection level is lower than that of electronic roller shutter door locks, and it is not suitable for museums, garages, shops, chemical warehouses.
The main function of the electronic roller shutter door lock is the management and storage of information. This is also the main difference from ordinary roller shutter door locks.
The more important the place, the more detailed the management of the unlocking personnel. Every unlocking behavior must be controlled. Otherwise, theft or major security accident will be an irreversible huge loss.

Advantages of Vanma Electronic Lock on Rolling Shutter Door

Flexible Authorization Management

The Vanma electronic lock can flexibly set the unlocking authority. The Vanma lock can set the unlocking personnel, the unlocking operation time and the number of unlockables. Each time the operator unlocks, there will be a record, and the unlock data record can be exported to a report for the administrator to view.

Keys Cannot Be Copied

Traditional mechanical lock keys are reproducible. When the key is stolen or maliciously copied, it will cause uncontrollable huge trouble. Vanma electronic lock keys have a special code verification method. When the electronic key is lost, it cannot be copied and used. Because the Vanma lock system has a blacklist function, you can cancel all unlocking permissions with one click.

One Key Matches Ten Thousand Locks

The Vanma lock system can assign different keys to the lock. So never worry about heavy keychains again.

IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof

Vanma electronic locks have IP68 protection level – the highest protection level for electronic equipment. It can adapt to the changeable outdoor climate, rain, snow, sand and dust.

Vanma padlock
Electronic Padlock

The type of roller shutter door lock needs to be determined according to your application. Ordinary roller shutter door locks are more suitable for low-security applications, such as garden warehouses, garages, and sundries warehouses; electronic door locks are more suitable for high-security applications, such as hospitals, banks, museums, chemical warehouses, to minimize potential safety hazards.
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