Realization and Application of Electric Power Five Anti-Lock of the High - Voltage Switch Cabinet

With the development of the economy, the development of the electric power industry is more and more rapid, corresponding, the solution to the problem of electric power security is also urgent.

Substation operators mainly use the high-voltage switchgear when operating the power supply equipment. The mechanical lock of the high-voltage switchgear is particularly important in the power supply equipment. It can ensure the safe operation of the power grid in the power supply equipment, the transformer has the security guarantee when using the equipment and can reduce the frequency of errors.

1.Classification of the Switch cabinet

High-voltage switch cabinet has two names, one is the high-voltage complete switch, the other is the high-voltage complete distribution device, the manufacturer has a detailed wiring diagram of the case, will control electrical appliances, measuring electrical appliances, bus, current conductor and other devices in the closed or open metal silicon.

2.High-voltage switchgear electric power five anti-lock function field application

There is a KYN28A-12 high-voltage switch cabinet installed in a substation, which is equipped with a high-voltage live display device. The following are several applications of the five anti-lock functions of high-voltage switch cabinet:
2.1 Prevent opening and closing circuit breakers by mistake. It is installed in the panel error-proof transfer switch to the main role.
2.2 In the cable inlet cabinet, bus sectional cabinet and transformer scheme, since the side of the incoming cable is electrified, an electromagnetic lock is installed on the lower door to ensure that the cable chamber cannot be entered when the side of the cable is electrified.
2.3 Prevent operation of circuit breaker handcart with grounding switch. When the grounding switch is in the closing position, the push rod in its main shaft interlock mechanism is pushed into the handcart guide rail in the cabinet, so the handcart of the circuit breaker cannot be pushed into the cabinet.

In the high-pressure switch cabinet, although the main mechanical locking, also need to other locking methods as an auxiliary, in order to achieve the requirements of error prevention. For example, the high-voltage live display device and electroscope are installed on the side of the outgoing cable of the high-voltage switch cabinet, which is used to operate the grounding switch on the side of the line. Install a latching box on the local operation button of the circuit breaker to prevent the disconnection of the circuit breaker. Although different switch cabinets have great differences in structure, they all have the most basic mechanical latching between disconnecting switch and grounding switch.

3.Electric power five lock integrity

The lock of outdoor electric power equipment should ensure cannot be stolen by non-professional personnel, JWM electric power five anti-lock, the lock is not connected to the power supply, installation is convenient, do not need wiring, safety level reaches super B level, outdoor use shockproof, rainproof, dustproof. Only the electronic key and authorized power maintenance personnel can open this electric power five anti-lock, fundamentally eliminate the security risks.

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