Vanma Intelligent Key Management System

Keep Your Assets Safe

Vanma intelligent key management system helps you full control to use the key and track the use of the key. Reduce unnecessary key loss, improve work efficiency, and greatly reduce management costs. Managers can know about all the key usage status online


Main Features

  • Independent management. Smart keys in different areas are authorized separately and do not interfere with each other.
  • Hierarchical authority settings. The system can grant different authorizations according to different positions, and can adjust authorizations and add or delete authorization levels as needed.
  • Multiple authorizations. For a specific key, you can set up multiple people with the same authorization to allow access.
  • Batch settings. Personnel can be imported in batches, personnel and keys can be grouped, and groups can be authorized.
  • Overdue reminder. The system can set a reminder function, and the alarm will be notified if it is not returned after the set time.
  • Audit report. The system can display, query, and print related reports such as loan/return records, authorized personnel information, personnel information, real-time key status, key function information, etc.
  • Remote authorization. With remote secondary authorization function, the authorized person can remotely authorize.
  • Emergency braking. In an emergency, when the system is unavailable, you can use the manual lock to open the cabinet door to get the key. There is no need to remove the cabinet door. All operations are done at the key cabinet side.
  • Fuzzy query. Borrow is the key to support smart fuzzy queries.
  • Status prompt. When borrowing and returning, the key hole must have a green flashing indicator light. If the key is inserted into the wrong hole, it must pop up, and there will be a red indicator light.

Product Specs

Product number WM-KM-X, X is the number of digits
System power consumption (100+0.125X) W
Cabinet material Cold rolled steel plate, 1.5mm
Surface treatment Electrostatic spray
Cabinet door material 8mm tempered glass, 2mm metal door, optional
Operating system Windows10
Operation screen 12 inch, 14 inch optional, touch type
Borrowing method IC card/fingerprint/face, etc. optional
Connection method Wired, WIFI
Input voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz±4%
Operating Voltage AC24V, DC12V, DC5V
Operating temperature -30℃~60℃
Working humidity 5%-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Cylinder life 1 million times
Warranty 1 year


The intelligent key management system is mainly used in important places such as factories, nuclear power plants, troops, prisons, scenic spots, amusement parks, 4S shops, banks, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, etc., to provide advanced smart storage management services for them.

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