Vanma Steel Shutter Padlock

The Best and Least Expensive Access and Key Control Solution

Unlike ordinary padlocks, it is a straight shackled padlock. The straight shackled or steel shutter padlock can be used in a variety of high-security situations. Steel shutter locks are the first choice for managing access to warehouse doors, shipping containers, security shutters, gates, barriers, etc.

Smart Key

Steel shutter padlock unlocks needs to be equipped with a smart key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple locks. Keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. Scheduling, tracking, monitoring whom, when, and where to unlock the lock. Responsibility traced to the individual. Easy to solve the management problem.


The smart lock system is equipped with a free professional smart management software, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. The unlock lock record is clearly visible in the software. Support unlock record multi-format(PDF, Excel, CSV) one-click export, management is easier.


The steel shutter padlock body is made of brass, which is stronger and can be used in all kinds of harsh environments and extreme weather, with longer service life. We have three sizes of hardened steel shutter padlock to select. Meet your variety of needs.
Materialbrass body, stainless steel beam, steel locking pin
Shackle Thickness74/84/94 mm, selectable
Operating Temperaturetemperature (-40℃-70℃) humidity (20%-97%)
Service Life10 years
CertificationsCE ROHS
Water Resistance RatingIP68


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