Vanma Electronic Padlock

The Electronic Lock System Is Used to Replace the Mechanical Lock System, with High Security and Flexibility in Use.

Unlock Controllability and Flexible

With traditional mechanical keys, there is an inevitable lack of control by not being able to know who can have copies of the keys. When using the electronic lock system, you can set the unlocking authority of the key through the management software. Even in geographically remote sites. The authority includes the specific user, unlocking date and time period, and a list of locks that can be unlocked. No more bundles of keys, one key unlock multiple locks.


Highly Manageable

Record the unlocking information, who unlocked the lock, when and where, and the responsibility is traced to the individual.

Unable to Technically Open

The electronic lock has no mechanical keyholes, and there are only two metal contacts on the lock surface, which avoids being unlocked by technology like traditional mechanical locks.


Compared to Mechanical Key

Unique key

Bundles of keys. And you have to have a key for each user and lock.

Unique key. It contains all the permissions for which they are authorized (the locks you are allowed to unlock and in which time expiration).

The Key Unable to Copy

Easy to copy. In case of loss of the key, lock replacement.

Unable to copy. In case of loss of the key, the permission is canceled.

Record Unlock Information

Lack of unlocking information.

Record unlock information. You can get all the unlock tracking records (where, and when which user or worker access the lock).

  • The electronic lock is easy to install without wiring. It is very convenient to transform, as long as the original mechanical lock cylinder is replaced with a electronic lock cylinder of the corresponding size.
  • There is no power supply in the lock body, which avoids the short life of the electronic lock due to the aging of the components in the lock body due to the long-term power supply.

System Components

The intelligent lock management system consists of three parts: electronic lock, electronic key, and management software.



Smart padlock body is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and can be used in all kinds of harsh environments and extreme weather, with longer service life.
Material stainless steel
Shackle Thickness 5/6.5/8/10 mm, selectable
Operating Temperature temperature (-40℃-70℃) humidity (20%-97%)
Service Life 10 years
Certifications CE ROHS
Water Resistance Rating IP68



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