The smart electronic key is the application core of the whole smart lock system, with unique 64-bit ID identification code, AES128 encryption mode, contact two-way verification, more security, and reliability, built-in battery of the electronic key, which can power and operate the lock, and voice prompt various working status.

smart key

With most common locks, a key can be duplicated with just a simple trip to the hardware store. The smart key, however, has a globally unique 64-bit ID identifier that cannot be replicated. Single contact power, wireless communication AES128 encryption, to ensure that the communication can not be broken. Unlock + lock by contact two-way authentication, safe and reliable.

The electronic key has a variety of working modes, which can record the action information of unlocking and locking.

Working Mode

Blank mode: clear unlock lock permissions and records before and after the electronic key is taken out.

Collection mode: The (unique) lock ID used to collect locks

Initialization mode: initialize the locks in the system according to the system information sent by the management software.

Working mode: perform unlock lock action according to the unlock lock permission issued, record unlock lock information event mode, and collect unlock lock record information of the specified lock in the system.

Blacklist mode: Notifies the designated lock in the system of the blacklist (missing) key information.

lock and key

The electronic key has a built-in 660mAh lithium battery, which can be used for 1000 unlock and lock operations. Support low voltage alarm, voice prompt “low power, please charge”.

Keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user through management software. Scheduling, tracking, monitoring whom, when, and where to unlock the lock. The unlock lock record is clear at a glance, Responsibility traced to the individual. With One key can unlock multiple locks, more efficient and scientific management.

management software

Technical SPECS

Product model:WM-2000C-K01
Working status:voice + three-color RGB light prompt
Storage capacity:60,000 pieces
Battery capacity:600mAh (unlock 1000 times)
Charging time:2 hours
Communication interface:Standard Type-C
Electrostatic protection:8KV contact electrostatic /15KV non-contact electrostatic protection
Operating Environment:Temperature (-20℃ to 70℃) humidity (20% to 97%)
Service life:10 years
Protection level:IP65

Model Comparision

Voice PromptYesYesYesYes
Fingerprint IdentificationNoYesNoYes
Bluetooth CommunicationNoNoYesYes
Data TransferUSBUSBOnline/USBOnline/USB
Remote AuthorizationNoNoYesYes

Working Flow

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