Smart Key Overview

The smart key is equipped with a disposable replaceable battery, which can supply power and operate the smart lock. It is the core of the lock system. The smart key is embedded with the NFC function chip, which interacts with the card reader through the NFC wireless communication. It contains a list of locks it may access, the authorized date it may access locks, during which the key will be unlocked

smart key

Smart Key Features

1. With the unique 64-bit identification code that cannot be changed or duplicated.
2. One smart key can unlock multiple locks.
3. Store thousands of access records.

  • Access authority 3000 groups.
  • Event store 3000 pieces.

4. Use rechargeable batteries, through the Micro-USB port to energize smart key.
5. Contain access dates and times for the smart key holder.
6. Communication with contact two-way authentication (key and lock).
7. Low battery alarm.


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