Bluetooth Key Overview

Unlike the disposable replaceable battery of a normal smart key, the Bluetooth key comes with a charging USB port. With all the functionality of the general smart key, Bluetooth key using high-performance ultra-low power ARM processor as the core processor. The key is communication with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, schedule unlocks access permission in real-time, and uploads unlock data in real-time.

Bluetooth KEY

Smart Key Features

1. With the unique 64-bit identification code that cannot be changed or duplicated.
2. One smart key can unlock multiple locks.
3. Store thousands of access records.

  • Access authority 3000 groups.
  • Event store 3000 pieces.

4. Use rechargeable batteries, through the Micro-USB port to energize smart key.
5. Contain access dates and times for the smart key holder.
6. Communication with contact two-way authentication (key and lock).
7. Low battery alarm.


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