Vanma Electronic Cam Lock

Low-Cost Solutions for Access Control Facilities & without Expensive Cabling

No wiring, no maintenance, easy installation. Keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. Checking whom, when and where to unlock the lock at a glance. Responsibility traced to the individual.

Electronic cam lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special smart key, and this one smart key with an electronic chip in it can unlock multiple locks, lock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties. Electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification (key and lock), cannot be copied.


Compared to Mechanical Key

Unique key

Bundles of keys. And you have to have a key for each user and lock.

Unique key. It contains all the permissions for which they are authorized (the locks you are allowed to unlock and in which time expiration).

The Key Unable to Copy

Easy to copy. In case of loss of the key, lock replacement.

Unable to copy. In case of loss of the key, the permission is canceled.

Record Unlock Information

Lack of unlocking information.

Record unlock information. You can get all the unlock tracking records (where, and when which user or worker access the lock).


Electronic cam lock body is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and can be used in all kinds of harsh environments and extreme weather, with longer service life.
Body stainless steel
Diameter 19/22 mm, selectable
Operating Temperature temperature (-40℃-70℃) humidity (20%-97%)
Service Life 10 years
Certification CE ROHS
Water Resistance Rating IP68



With adaptability to any situation you need: doors, trucks, gates, cabinets, security shutters, filing cabinets, vending machines, server rack cabinet… And as it has no maintenance, it can be installed in various locations.
safe deposit box
Vending Machine
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