Power Safety Intelligent Lock Control System

Power security intelligent lock control system: it can be used as intelligent electronic lock, vending machine lock, distribution box lock, meter box lock, power box lock, cabinet key lock, electrical control box lock, control box lock, light delivery box lock, multimedia box lock, Bluetooth cabinet lock, induction card cabinet lock, substation five anti-lock, etc.

JWM safety intelligent lock control system is used for the management of access door, cabinet door of various equipment and operation mechanism of various manual equipment in important areas of substation/power plant. The unified management of a series of electric power equipment by a set of systems can effectively solve the problem of unauthorized operation and provide an effective technical means for substation/power plants to strengthen employee access management, equipment operation management, improve work efficiency and ensure safe production.

Function & Features:

1. Wide management scope, able to manage various doors and operating mechanisms of various manual equipment in the equipment area, office area, and living area.
2. The management software is equipped with strict permission management function, which makes it safe and reliable to use, and unlocks the specified lock to avoid the wrong position.
3. A smart key is small in size, easy to operate and carry, low in power consumption, and can be used multiple times on a single charge.
4. The lock is not connected to the power supply, easy to install, no wiring is required.
5. The safety level reaches super B, and the outdoor use is shockproof, rainproof and dustproof.

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