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Today’s port security faces many security challenges. As the most important part of visitor and freight transport, ports have to deal with tens of thousands of visitors every day. In this case, port security is the most important issue that cannot be ignored, and the source of the problem lies in access control. For public areas and sensitive areas and facilities, safety supervision and good protection need to be provided. 


Vanma combines mechanical technology with electronic technology to provide high-security and flexible access control solutions for the entire port. Vanma solution combines the status quo of the port, through refined access control, accurate audit trail, simplified key management, protect the entire port infrastructure to a great extent.

Simplify key management
A single Vanma electronic key can open a large number of locks and replace cumbersome bunches of keys.

Comprehensive understanding of the port security status
The Vanma Management System can put all the facilities of your entire port on a simple visual web page, and you can control and manage access to each key and cylinder. You can know the security situation in the area at any time, and the Vanma management system can provide access to all operations performed by relevant personnel, including a complete audit report. Access attempts outside the specified time range or outside the specified area can be obtained through the report, so as to analyze any abnormal situations.

Adapt to bad weather
The access control system must be able to withstand the erosion caused by bad weather. In the Vanma access control system, the lock (lock cylinder) maintains a very high standard, and its protection level is IP67 to ensure the greatest degree of protection.
Infrared induction technology is used in the electronic key, even if the surface of the lock is wet, the electronic key can also transfer the access authority to the lock cylinder. Ensure stable exchange of information between the key and the lock cylinder. In other words, a poor connection cannot prevent the transmission of information between the key and the lock.

Authorized access control
Using Vanma solutions, security administrators can accurately allocate and control access. Any opening or attempting to break in will be recorded in the memory of the electronic key and sent to the management software. This enables security administrators to accurately track the activities of each user.
In order to facilitate real-time access control, the electronic key can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone APP to send information about its access rights to the technicians in real time. In addition, lost or stolen electronic keys can be disabled to prevent any unnecessary access.

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