Project Description

vanma padlock structure

Vanma smart padlock, its appearance is similar to mechanical lock, but with a standard smart lock cylinder embedded in it, it is a high-security padlock with information task management function.

Unlike mechanical locks, smart padlock unlocking requires a “smart key“. When unlocking, the key powers the lock. The use of strict digital encryption technology and wireless communication technology makes it impossible to unlock technically. Lock to install and set the operation is simple, according to the management requirements free matching unlock privileges; the electronic key uses the system software to uniformly set the authority to unlock the corresponding door lock, and use it within the effective time of the authority; realize one key to unlock multiple locks, more efficient and scientific management.

lock and key

Technical SPECS

Lock body material: SUS304 stainless steel
Surface treatment: brushed stainless steel
Static electricity protection: 15KV non-contact static electricity/8KV contact static electricity
Over voltage protection: 5.5V
Unlock records: 68 pieces
Operating environment: temperature (-40℃ to 70℃) humidity (20% to 97%)
Service life: 10 years
Protection level: IP65





Managers can manage locks, keys, and staff information through management software. It is clear who unlocks the lock when and where, and traced the responsibility to the individual.

Structured management: hierarchical management, layer upon layer control, efficient management of keys and locks.

Key management: Set the unlocking authority and time limit for each key, set the time limit for withdrawal and return, and bind the individual user at the same time.

Unlock record: The unlock lock record is clear at a glance, the responsibility is assigned to the individual, and the management is easier.

management software

Working Flow

Work flow


Widely used in cargo bays (warehouse), trucks, gates, control boxes, and other high security areas.



warehouse door

Warehouse Door




Telecom Site


Security Gates



garage door

Garage Door

scenic spot

Scenic Spot