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Server Rack Security You Need to Know


Cybersecurity is of the utmost concern for organizations of all kinds. You’re seeing it everywhere: data breach, an email leak, credit card numbers stolen, identities compromised. Organizations of all kinds spend vast sums of money protecting networks, locking accounts, fending off hackers, and so on, all in the name of securing valuable data.

Among all these security measures, however, is an uncomfortable fact: many organizations simply forget to protect the physical location where data is stored and processed.

The scary reality is that many of these servers are completely unprotected, protected only by card readers on the door of the server room, or worse: physical locks and keys. In short, such lax security measures are unacceptable in modern society and cause trouble. Enhanced security measures are essential for the following reasons:

1. Internal threat is a pervasive and uncontrollable variable.
Security attention has been overwhelmingly focused on external threats. Organizations are rightly determined to stop hackers or turn off identity thieves. However, you need a way to control access to the server room.

2. Customer data is the lifeblood of an enterprise.
While you may do everything you can to keep your data digitally secure, this is no excuse for making the same data physically insecure.
A data breach can destroy a business. The customer’s trust is eroded, may have to pay for insurance, and will spend a lot of money trying to discover the source, which may be as simple as a person walking out of your server room with a hard drive.
By protecting your physical data center, you put your customers’ interests first in your business and take steps to ensure that you never have to deal with a catastrophic data breach.

3. Data centers are not immune to physical vulnerabilities.
While data centers can be fairly high tech, and like other physical structures, they are not immune to unauthorized access due to physical vulnerabilities.
In short: Just because it’s a data center doesn’t mean bad guys with crowbars can’t break-in.