Project Description

Realizes Smart Management with the Lowest Cost

Euro profile cylinder lock is a high security electronic lock for tracking and controlling access to physical assets. Euro profile cylinder locks are designed to the exact dimensions of the mechanical lock cylinders they replace. IT will seamlessly retrofit into an ordinary mechanical lock. This smart management system has been widely used in telecom industry to help facilitate route management for telecom operators. Administrators can set unlock permissions through a dedicated APP.

The following are the characteristics of this lock core modification:

Managing access authorisations online

The lock allows you to easily integrate security doors into an access control system at a very reasonable price. It enables you to manage access authorisations online and in real time using a single system. Users can instantly obtain Lock status and information from the lock at a glance. The optimum burglary protection and resistance against extreme temperatures (down to -65 °C) ensure that the JWM lock is also suitable for outside doors with special security requirements. The lock features a protection rating of IP68.

Unique wireless access solution

Irrespective of the access control system type, JWM enables access control doors to be integrated using a wireless solution without any cabling and without any alterations to the door during installation, all at a considerably lower price than a wired high-end solution. The JWM Lock offers a unique, easy way to integrate both outside and inside doors with high security requirements into access control systems. Users can continue to use existing smart key to open and lock the new JWM locks with JWM while mechanical keys cease to be necessary.

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