Project Description

JWM Provides Cost-Effective Solutions for Hospitals

JWM access control system is a cost-effective solution that gives the flexibility and customization healthcare facilities need to manage and audit traffic to sensitive areas. In addition, this is a solution that can remain safe even in the event of a power outage.

By using JWM smart electronic cylinders, the overall per door cost is significantly reduced because it uses the existing mechanical lock hardware and no wiring is needed.

Access Control
Smart lock provides access control beyond the door. Electronic cylinders can be installed nearly anywhere controlled access and auditing is needed, including server cabinets, drug dispensaries, computer carts, supply rooms, pharmacy cabinets, and more.

Every time a smart key meets a smart lock (whether successful or not), providing system administrators with full visibility of all access attempts.

When there is a new area that needs to protection, you can expand the access system at any time, just add a new smart cylinder to the system.

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