Project Description


Intelligent Electronic Lock Management System Escorts Armed Escort Vehicles

As an important part of modern service industry, security service occupies an important position in modern market economy. In terms of market segments, civil air defense services still occupy the dominant position in the market. Secondly, armed escort services also have a large market share of 24.3%. It is worth mentioning that electronic security is still in the stage of rapid growth. In the future, considering the needs of downstream customers and enterprises to reduce operating costs and improve security efficiency, it is expected that the electronic security market will develop rapidly.

Escort in transportation, as one of the oldest industries, has been faced with the threat of theft and robbery by lawless persons. The existing management mode of escort operation relying on humans can no longer adapt to the current situation of the industry, such as large business volume, frequent tasks, frequent verification, and complicated data. An intelligent escort scheduling management system is the inevitable trend of development.

Through the escort vehicle network, there are not only real-time high-definition video monitoring images inside and outside the vehicle, but also vehicle and personnel data (such as: positioning information, vehicle status information, personnel information, etc.) can be connected with the back-end command center, providing first-hand information for the scheduling and reasonable allocation of resources. Subsystems such as real-time presentation and storage of onboard high-definition video monitoring, two-way voice intercom, and broadcast, and real-time display and storage of vehicle location and trajectory will make the whole escort process three-dimensional in front of security supervisors, and improve command efficiency and scientific nature.

Intelligent electronic lock management system can be used for security management of escort containers. The mechanical keys of traditional escort boxes and cash boxes cannot prevent private matches, and there is no record of who opened the door and when to unlock it. There are more keys than doors, and key management is time-consuming and laborious. The use of JWM  electronic lock management system, to solve these no power supply or not easy power supply cabinet security management pain points. The lock itself does not need a power supply and has a unique ID number with a built-in encryption chip. The system can use special software to authorize management of the electronic key according to the identity of the unlocking person and record the unlocking event accurately to the second. For example, “YY lock of XX important equipment was opened by li mou at 2019-12-26 10:08:46” and other unlocking records provide a strong basis for event analysis.

Because the escort vehicle work area is different, escort content is different, users’ use requirements are also different, so escort vehicle safety management dispatching command system needs to be customized development, JWM company can customize the corresponding management platform for users, to provide the most appropriate solution.