Project Description

Intelligent Electronic Lock System

Intelligent Electronic Lock System is consist of smart lock software, card reader, electronic key, intelligent electronic lock. It will simplify your unlock work, record your unlock data, make your management easier.

System Composition

JWM smart lock system

One Key for N locks

We have many kinds of electronic locks. You could open multiple locks with one key. You do not have to unlock with a bunch of keys.

One Key for N locks

Distinct Unlocking Report

You could inquiry all the unlocking record and filter the report by key and time. Export unlocking report is also easy. xlsx/csv/pdf.

Blacklist Solve Key Loss Problem

Don’t worry about key loss problem. This key will could not unlock any more after being added into blacklist.


Define User Permissions by Your Own

You could add many login accounts and assign them different permissions for different workers. No more worrying about workers change records.