Project Description


Unlock a lot of lock with one key
Set the unlock permission, set the unlock time period

Model: WM-2000SY1

Electronic Key


Key Permission Management

Unlock a lot of lock with one key according to management permission


Work Process Management

Switch locks are recorded, work process is based on evidence

The electronic key has the function of buzzer and indicator light during work, and the beautiful appearance different from traditional styles of the key, the shell has non-slip holes, and it is convenient to carry for the guard patrol process. At the same time, it has protection measures against overvoltage, overcurrent, lightning strike, and antistatic. Supervise the work process of the patrolling and realize the intelligent and scientific management of property safety and equipment safety management.

Technical Parameters

Work on every detail

Electronic key size

Reading time: ≤0.1s
Response speed: Hight speed and accuracy
Connection mode: With passive lock contacts
Power source: 600mAH rechargeable lithium battery
Power consumption: static current 1μA, operating current 20mA

Weight: 100g
Size: 80mm(hight)45mm(width)17mm(thickness)
Temperature: -60℃~+80℃
Capacity: 10000pieces, automatic alarm when the storage capacity reaches 99%, reusable storage.

Detail reflect professionalism

Packing Box

Electronic Key


USB cable


JWM Patrol Lock System Software