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Physical Protection of The Data Center

A data center is a centralized location that houses computing and network equipment. It usually stores a large amount of data for processing, analysis, and distribution, thereby connecting organizations with service providers.

The security of the data center is usually divided into two aspects: network security and physical security. Physical security is to protect people, property, and assets (such as hardware, software, and networks) from natural disasters and theft.

data center

Aiming at the physical security of the data center, Vanma Smart Lock has developed a cabinet lock. This is a passive electronic lock, that is to say, its installation steps are very simple and no wiring is required. Because the data center itself has a large number of wires, if the installation of smart locks also requires wiring, it will cause the entire space to be filled with wires and become chaotic. Once a fault occurs, it is easy to accidentally touch other wires, resulting in greater losses.

Access control

Vanma smart locks can authorize individual keys, granting different keys different permissions. The key with the authority can unlock the corresponding lock, on the contrary, the key without the authority cannot unlock any lock. This feature makes it easier to classify permissions and cooperate with third parties.


Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. After the key is lost, after the administrator sets the key to the lost state, this key will not be able to open any locks. There will be no case where the key is stolen and the data center is destroyed.

One key to open multiple locks

Before entering the data center, you often need to pass through many doors. Before using the Vanma smart lock, staffs need to use a different key each time. But after replacing the Vanma smart lock, the staff only needs to carry a key.

Lock or unlock record

For data centers, this is one of the most important functions. The manager can view the records on the computer, and when a problem occurs, the manager can pursue the responsibility through the record, or it can be used as a clue.

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