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Passive Locks Solve Security Risks in the Banking Industry

Passive Locks Solve Security Risks in the Banking Industry

With the increasing number of self-service financial services, each region needs to have a large number of ATM machines to ensure the convenience of deposit and withdrawal. In order to ensure the safety of funds, the cash box is usually equipped with two locks. After being transported to the designated location, the bank Both the manager and the escort need to appear at the same time and use their respective keys to open the cash drawer.

This method seems safe, but there are many hidden dangers. At present, most cash boxes use mechanical locks, and managers need to wear many keys.
If there are special circumstances such as key loss, the key cannot be replaced in time, and even a new lock must be replaced. Secondly, although the manager and the escort are present at the same time, there is no real-time record of personnel opening and closing the lock. After a safety problem occurs, the responsible person cannot be found in a timely manner. Therefore, there are many hidden dangers in traditional mechanical locks, and they cannot more safely and effectively ensure the safety of funds.
Therefore, a new type of lock is needed to solve these problems. Our passive electronic locks (not traditional electronic safe locks) can solve problems that mechanical locks and ordinary electronic locks cannot. There is no battery in our lock body, no need to dismantle the lock for charging, all electronic integrated components are in the electronic key, just charge the key.
The most important thing is that we use fingerprint key and APP to realize identity authentication, which does not require the presence of bank managers and escorts at the same time. Secondly, through the APP settings, you can set the number and number of locks that can be opened by each key. Even if the key is lost, you don’t have to worry. As long as the key information is deleted from the system, the key will not open any locks; a report will be generated every time the lock is unlocked and closed, recording the switch time, location and personnel, and the administrator can view it in real time.
The use of passive electronic locks can ensure the safety of funds and improve the efficiency of bank management.

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