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Passive Intelligent Electronic Cyberlock Escort the Power Industry

At present, in the power system, equipment such as switch stations, distribution boxes, junction boxes, metering boxes, and meter boxes still use the traditional management form of “One Key to Open One Lock” as always.

To understand the necessity of intelligent unlocking, please check the following comparison between Traditional Locks and Passive Intelligent Electronic Locks:
Traditional Locks

1. One key to open one lock.

2. Incomplete registration, cannot be accurately held accountable.

3. Many complex keys, easy to get the wrong one.

4. Not abiding by duties, being lazy, and not patrolling.

5. If the key is lost, the lock must be replaced accordingly.

6. Ordinary metal material, long-term exposure, easy to rust.

7. Unlocking the lock at will, there is a potential risk of loss.

Passive Intelligent Electronic Locks.

1. One key to open multiple locks.

2. There is a record of switch locks, and the responsibility is on the person.

3. Only one key.

4. There are records to view and must follow the patrol plan.

5. The key is added to the blacklist, no need to change the lock.

6. Stainless steel material + anti-oxidation care, never rust.

7. Authorization can only be unlocked, otherwise, it cannot be unlocked.

The Intelligent Passive Electronic Lock Management System implements unified management, which greatly reduces the number of keys, realizes efficient management of compliant use and return of keys, realizes intelligent and data-based management of the power system, and adds another layer of guarantee for the power industry.
passive smart lock system

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