Passive Electronic Padlock Combat Cargo Theft

Thieves cost fleets millions of dollars each year due to theft, but technology can help secure and track cargo. 

The first defense for an unmanned trailer or a cargo can be a simple padlock. But padlocks don’t have to be simple. Some locks are made to mimic the complexities of a bank vault. As cargo theft risks have grown in recent years, so has the technology that goes into a typical trailer lock


Vanma smart lock has helped the freight industry secure loads for many years. One of the most used is Vanma’s padlock, a padlock that is not simple. It is made of stainless steel instead of other cheap materials. So, it is difficult for a thief to destroy the padlock with a simple tool.

At the same time, considering that unmanned trailers, trucks, etc. will run normally even on rainy days, therefore, waterproof and dustproof is an essential attribute of Vanma padlock. The waterproof rating is IP68, which is enough for rainy weather.

But large fleets with many drivers can make managing the keys and locks complicated, someone pointed out.
“When you’re employing security hardware to protect thousands of vehicles that transport goods, you’re also bound to lose or misplace keys or vehicles, and that can add up to millions annually,” they think. “People are going to lose keys, period.” To combat this problem, Vanma company has introduced a high-tech “intelligent” key that works with trucks, vans, commercial equipment, or other high-value assets that must be managed.
The administrator can set the name of each key in the system, add it to the employee’s name, and assign the unlocking authority. At the same time, the electronic key has the function of storing information, and can record the action and time information of each unlock lock, responsibility traced back to the individual. When a problem occurs, through the intelligent system, we can clearly understand who opened the lock last time and at what time.

If the key is accidentally lost, you can set the lost key through the Vanma smart lock system and add it to the blacklist. The keys in the blacklist will not have the function of unlocking. Therefore, there is no need to worry about losing the key. All that needs to be done is to add a blacklist and hold the person who lost the key accountable, without worrying about the safety of the truck.

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