Passive Electronic Lock in Vending

The function of the vending lock is to protect the vending from theft, but this is not easy. It is precisely because the vending is left unattended, so many thieves will target the vending machine. Most vending can accept bills, coins and credit cards. In addition to protecting funds, the vending lock can also protect the electronic equipment inside the machine. After continuous development, the vending has evolved from the mechanical lock to the passive electronic lock.

“In fact, in addition to thieves, some unscrupulous employees also commit theft. According to statistics, a typical business will lose 6% of its revenue due to employee theft on average. For automatic vending operations, it may be as high as 40%. So, we choose Vanma passive electronic lock, because it has record lock/unlock information function.”

Difficult to destroyed
Vanma smart lock has no key hole, which is not easy to be broken. The protection level is IP65, operating temperature is -40℃ to 70℃, humidity is 20% to 97%. At the same time, Vanma smart lock is passive electronic lock, it doesn’t need perform redundant maintenance. perform redundant maintenance.

Since some employees will guard against theft, tracing the lock/ unlock records is a good way to stop them. Records include lock name, key name, department, staff, lock/ unlock, and time. When there is a problem of money loss, you can directly ask the employee.

Key control
Although people who are at fault can be found after a problem, the best way is not to give them a chance to make mistakes. Vanma smart lock can control the key authorization time. The key can only be used to open the lock during the working hours. Otherwise, it will show that unlocking failed.

Key loss protects
Vanma smart lock system has blacklist function. That means if the key lost, a blacklist can be set in the smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock.

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